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My clinical supervision services are offered to mental health professionals to help them work towards their license and/or advance in their careers.


I provide one-on-one supervision personalized to the supervisee and adjusting to their level of experience and expertise. As a clinical supervisor, I strive to be encouraging and supportive, while ensuring supervisees understand best practices and realize their potential.

My experience working with professionals starting out in their careers, as well as graduate students, informs my work with individuals. I am committed to the continued growth and development of each supervisee, who I treat as a professional and a colleague.


I also work with small groups, working together to build a peer-support system, where supervisees feel comfortable to actively solicit feedback and answer each other’s questions. This allows each member of the group to be accountable for their learning while benefiting from other members’ experiences.

Learning with and from peers can be a very rewarding experience. I welcome the opportunity to learn with professionals in a group setting.


Whether working with an individual or in a small group, my approach to supervision is patient-centered, also known as psychodynamic. This didactic approach serves to guide the supervisees in the process of better understanding their patients.

This focus on the patient helps the supervisee reflect on their knowledge and experience while reducing the opportunity for conflict or anxiety. For example, this involves understanding transference and countertransference, defense mechanisms and affective reactions of their patients and how this impacts their work. 

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