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Heal your mind. Love your whole being.

Work Desk


In this 20-minute phone conversation, we will discuss your goals in seeking therapy and my approach to these services. I get that you might not be sure if psychotherapy is right for you. That's ok. Take this opportunity to learn more about the process and get answers to your questions and concerns.

Blue Couch and End Table


In our periodic meetings, you will have the time to explore the issues you want to address. These sessions are an opportunity for you to become more self-aware and advance toward wellness. This is a time you give yourself to deal with the difficulties that affect your health and quality of life.

White Chair


I support individuals dealing with substance use as well as those impacted by the substance use of a loved one. I meet clients where they are, in a judgment-free environment that allows them the time and space to work on their mental health and tackle the challenges of everyday life.

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